I thought I would do a little post on what makeup is in my handbag. These are my essential items that I do not leave home without. I am not a huge makeup person. I like to keep things minimal and simple and tend to stick to the same things, although I do often try out new things.
So although I do have more makeup items, these are the things I use on a daily basis and carry around to refresh:

(from left to right)
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm  A cult classic and I understand why. I always put this on under my makeup. Not only does it give my skin a radiant glow, it also makes my makeup stick to my face for much longer. (£28)
Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in black This is the best eyeliner I have found and it’s cheap as chips. I only wear it on my upper lash and it sweeps on really well and lasts for ages. (£2.99 – please note the picture on the Boots website is wrong)
Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer in Blonde I love this brow pencil. As I am a natural blond (ahem) I do have light patchy brows that always need defining. This colour is perfect for me as it is a light brown and fills in all the gaps shaping my brows nicely. It does not last all day but is so smooth I wouldn’t use anything else. (£6)
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW25 I will do a foundation dedicated post shortly so I will be brief with this although I could say so much. In short, this foundation is quite thick and heavy which I like as it smooth’s my face and covers any and every blemish and imperfection. If you like light foundations, this is not for you. I highly recommend being coloured matched by one of the professionals at MAC as this is essential to a thicker foundation looking natural and flawless. (£24)
MAC Bronzing Power in Matt I do not use any other powder on my face as I like that dewy look. So this is perfect as it gives me a lovely natural bronze colour (on cheeks, across my nose, sweep on forehead and around bottom of chin) and takes away any greasy shine. (£19)
H&M Brush: This is very old – as you can see from the photograph. It was only a couple of pounds and not sure if they still sell it. But I have used and tried so many expensive make-up brushes but I keep coming back to this one. The perfect accompaniment to my bronzer.
Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara in Black I cannot tell you how much I love this mascara. I have quite long eyelashes and this mascara makes them longer, more volume and separates them all out – gorgeous. I have tried all the expensive mascaras and there are some really good ones out there (to be continued with another post on mascara’s) but this is “The One”. (£8.49)
Revlon Eyeshadow Matt in Vintage Lace I only wear coloured eyeshadow if I go out in the evenings or for special occasions. This is mainly because I am rubbish at applying it and often end up looking like a throw back from the 80’s. So day to day I keep it simple with this little wonder. It just neutralises my upper eye socket and keeps it matt. I also put it under my eye after my concealer as it evens it all out. (£5.29)
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix I have very dry lips so lipsticks are often a no no for me. This conditions your lips and has the most gorgeous bright pink colour – in a subtle way – if that’s possible. There are lots of tinted lip conditioners around and most of them are pretty good. But I just love this colour. Plus, if I am feeling a little too neutral on my face and will run a tiny bit on the apples of my cheeks. (£11)
bareMinerals Multitasking Concealer in Bisque Lots of people love bareMinerals. I tried their foundation and just did not get on with it. Found it too matt and dried my whole face out. But this concealer is on another level of greatness. It is matt yes and if you are very dry under your eyes then it will show all your lines so this is not for you. Thankfully I have some shit hot eye cream so this is not normally an issue. Saying this, my under eyes are a weak point of my face. They are quite hollow and give the effects of dark circles. This concealer seems to fill in this hollow effect, disguises the dark circles and evens everything out. Plus, although it’s quite pricey you get loads in a pot and it lasts forever! (£19)
Dior Addict Lipstick in 253 I am not entirely sure why this is in here as it is definitely not an essential and I think there are better lipsticks on the market for a better price. But I do like this one. I apply this when I want a light pink lipstick sheen and it works well on my lips as its quite moisturising. (£24)
GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker in Pink I am a huge fan of lip pens. Most cosmetic brands do them now but this one is my favourite colour. Similar to the Mac Lip Conditioner, it’s a gorgeous hot pink that injects a lovely shot of colour onto my lips. Sometimes I wear it alone, other times with the Mac on top. There is a massive downside to this lip pen – well lip pens in general. They do not last long. I am not sure why this has not been fixed yet but it runs out very quickly and I would say if you use it daily, you probably only have a week or two life from it. (£4.99)
Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation in BR50 This is the small pot on the bottom right hand corner and is only a sample. There has been much talk in the industry about this foundation that has apparently been 10 years in the making. I won’t go on too much as I think it deserves its own post, but when it was released a few weeks ago I had to try it. I was colour matched by the YSL professional at Peter Jones (which I highly recommend as there are 22 shades to choose from) and ran home to try it. Fallen in love is the understatement. Its smooth, glossy, dewy, medium coverage and the perfect colour. I love it. That’s all for now as I am still trailing…. (£28)

And here is me wearing most of this – please note I am wearing the MAC foundation. I will do a separate post for the YSL Foundation.

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